Blending the Best of British Tradition and Chinese Culture

Rong Qiao Sedbergh School (RQSS) incorporates Rong Qiao’s core values of teamwork, pragmatism and resilience as well as Sedbergh School’s core values of community, participation and resilience. The school’s unique education system gives students a global perspective whilst also fostering their patriotism. As China progresses further onto the world stage, RQSS will prepare its students to excel both in China and abroad.

Application Process

We welcome applications from Chinese applicants and international applicants. For the academic year 2018/2019, applicants are admitted into Kindergarten (all years), Junior School (Grade 1-6), Lower Senior School (Grade 7- 9) and Upper Senior School (Grade 10-11).

Admission will be subject to availability and the applicants’ qualifications. We will arrange entrance exams and interviews for all applicants. For those in Kindergarten and Grade 1-6, the Chinese or Foreign Principal will have interviews with applications and parents; for those in Grade 7-11, in addition to the maths and English assessments, each candidate will be interviewed by Chinese or Foreign Principal.