Sedbergh School pursues the all-round development of the students’ moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic cultivation, building on the strengths of Chinese and Western education and is committed to expanding talents in modern era with a global vision and a sense of national pride.

  • Moral

    We firmly believe that morality is the foundation upon which a person builds his life. Moral cultivation means for one to develop his good virtues through constant practice and reflection. A virtuous person must be kind and open-minded. When dealing with people, they can distinguish between good and evil, adhere to justice and fairness, and pursue self-discipline and social commitment; as a citizen of the earth, they understand the coexistence and differences among different nations and cultures, seeking common ground while shelving differences, and promoting world peace and development.
  • Intellectual

    Knowledge is tangible but wisdom is invisible. We hope to help people open the door to wisdom with knowledge as the key, and pursue the unity of knowing and doing. We believe that in the process of deep learning and exploration, individuals will gradually develop critical thinking, independent thinking, problem-solving ability, and creative ability, exert their utmost strength under the values of a community with a shared future for mankind, and serve the common good of mankind.
  • Physical

    Physical cultivation is the synchronous shaping of body and mind. We believe that physical cultivation is the foundation on which people build up their endurance, concentration, and perseverance and finally develop an indomitable will. Sportsmanship is not about winning or losing, but friendship, fairness, competition and love combined. A person of sportsmanship, when alone, makes endless efforts for self-reliance and self-improvement; when in group, he acts in accordance to his knowledge that "cooperation is for win-win future, competition is for mutual promotion".
  • Social

    Human beings, though differ in thousands of ways, are closely linked and advancing together. The social cultivation we advocate means for one to be independent while adhering to harmony in diversity when in group, and get on well with others. We firmly believe that by pooling the wisdom of the masses we can accomplish great things, and that by coordinating the efforts of the masses we can push the society forward.
  • Aesthetic

    Beauty is both visible and invisible, both material and spiritual, both natural and social. Aesthetical cultivation in the true sense means for one to be natural and true in conduct, business, and life. A person with aesthetic taste will lead a life that is poetic and pure. A person with the ability to create beauty will add color to the world through cultural and artistic creation.