The British boarding system, an important part of holistic education, can cultivate students' ability of self-management, independence, cooperation, and leadership.

The Boarding House is A Home away from HomeThe school adopts mixed-age boarding system, in which students of different grades and classes live together in the houses they belong to, interacting like family and establishing valuable friendships.

Sino-Foreign Cooperative Management, Accompany of Teachers and FriendsEach house is assigned with 1 housemasters and several life teachers and house tutors who play the role of parents. They guide students' lives and study, helping solving their emotional problems. Students can go to the staff member of the boarding team for timely advice and help on any problems or demands of lives or study.

Character Building, Ability Cultivation The school respects the individuality and talents of each child and, all the year round, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of House Cup activities such as sports, choral singing and speech. Striving for collective honor also improve students' organizational ability and leadership.