Welcome to Sedbergh School!

We provide immersive bilingual environment with unique learning opportunities, students are encouraged and supported to achieve success in academic development, social interaction, and personal character, so that they can confidently meet the challenges in a diverse world.

Moral Education

The school creates learning opportunities in a real environment, allowing students to gain diverse and rich tempering in their early growth stages. The British-style boarding system can cultivate students' independence, teamwork ability, and boost their self-confidence. Sedbergh School also provides comprehensive and diverse social practice opportunities, such as charity activities, field adventures, overseas study tours etc., so that students can gain a broader life experience and develop their abilities in all aspects.

Intellectual Education

In Sedbergh School, courses are taught in small classes which provides a positive, caring, pleasant and appreciative teaching atmosphere along with a diverse and interactive learning environment where students can take the initiative in their own learning. The top Chinese and foreign teachers offer bilingual teaching with an emphasis on hands-on practice, comprehensive application and creative spirit, following the natural learning course from curiosity and inquiry to interest and questioning. This can help students to develop transferrable learning skills to understand complex problems effectively and intelligently in the future.

Holistic Education

We attach great importance to the development of sports, provide students with first-class and diverse sports venues and facilities, and help students build strong physique and perseverance. We provide students with ample opportunities for self-expression, including stage performances, arts activities, life skills activities and more. We are committed to be the ambassador of Chinese culture, and by offering various Chinese classics and traditional art courses, we are cultivating a new generation with the soul of Chinese. Sedbergh School will accompany every child and family with heart to pursue a better self and move towards a better tomorrow.

Kelly Lin
Superintendent of Sedbergh School