• 2017

    March 6, first visit paid to Sedbergh School, UK

    Tedy Djuhar, Chairman of Rong Qiao Group, and Jared Djuhar, President of Rong Qiao Industries Group achieved good interaction and communication during their visit to Sedbergh School in the UK.

    May 18, the Joint School Running Agreement was signed

    At the 19th Cross-straits Fair for Economy and Trade, Rong Qiao Group, Changle Municipal Government and Fuzhou Municipal Education Bureau signed the Joint School Running Agreement. Rong Qiao will build a Rong Qiao international bilingual school in Fuzhou Binhai New City, and give full support to the education in the core area of Binhai New City by improving the supporting facilities.

    August 29, construction on Sedbergh School kicked off

    The foundation stone laying ceremony was held at the school project site.

    September 28, joint school-running signing ceremony was held

    The signing ceremony between Rong Qiao Group and Sedbergh School was held in Crowne Plaza. Present at the event were nearly 200 Chinese and foreign guests, including leaders from Fuzhou Municipal Education Bureau and Changle Education Bureau, consuls of British Consulate, main leaders of Sedbergh School, senior executives of Rong Qiao Group, and representatives from all walks of life. The first international school of Rong Qiao Group is named Sedbergh School.

  • 2018

    May 13, the first Fujian International Education Forum was held

    On May 13, 2018, the first Fujian International Education Forum was held in Fuzhou. The event, sponsored by Sedbergh School and Fuzhou Daily and co-organized by Fujian Haixia Institute of Education and Fuzhou Association for Non-Government Education, aims to “embrace Chinese culture and develop international vision" and promote the development of international education in Fuzhou and even Fujian.

    August 26, the first teacher-student meeting was held

    On the morning of August 26, 2018, faculty of Sedbergh School presented themselves in Fuzhou and met with the first batch of students. Of the nearly 70 teachers, half were Chinese teachers and half were foreign teachers.

    September 3, the first phase of the school began

    On September 3, 2018, the first phase of Sedbergh School began and received its first batch of students.

    November 17, the school held its first opening ceremony and was accredited by Cambridge Assessment International Education

    On November 17, the first opening ceremony of the school was held, and attended by more than 500 people, including provincial and municipal leaders, senior executives of Rong Qiao Group, Sedbergh School, Sedbergh School, figures in education, and parents of students. At the ceremony, Sedbergh School was accredited by Cambridge Assessment International Education and became the first English-style international bilingual school accredited by Cambridge University in Fuzhou.

  • 2019

    March 30, the 2nd Fujian International Education Forum was held

    On March 30, the 2nd Fujian International Education Forum was held in Sedbergh School. The event was co-sponsored by Sedbergh School and Fuzhou Daily and co-organized by Fuzhou Association for Non-Government Education and Fujian Haixia Institute of Education. Featuring live broadcast and simultaneous interpretation in Chinese and English, the event was attended by over 20 domestic and foreign education experts and more than 600 guests and students’ parents. Themed “Embracing the Challenges from 2035-Vision, Competence and Responsibility”, the Forum drew attention to the future of education.

    June 27, the first kindergarten class graduation ceremony was hosted

    Sedbergh Kindergarten held the "We have graduated" graduation ceremony for the first group of 10 graduates.

    August 31, the Opening Ceremony of Five Schools in Fuzhou Binhai New City was hosted

    On 31 August, five schools - Sedbergh School, Joint School of National University of Singapore and Tianjin University, Fuzhou Software Technology Vocational College, Fuzhou No. 3 High School Binhai Campus, Fuzhou Binhai Experimental School - held a joint opening ceremony at the indoor playground of Sedbergh School. The ceremony was attended by nearly 300 people, including leaders of provincial and municipal governments, senior executives of Rong Qiao Group, and representatives of teachers and students of the five schools.

  • 2020

    March 3, the school was authorized by UCAS to become an official registry

    The school was approved by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) to become an official registration center, providing green and convenient access for the students of the school to famous universities in the UK. UCAS is the only way to apply for courses of undergraduate degree (including courses enabling upgrade from junior college student to university student) in the UK.

    September 14, the school was awarded the title of "Safe Campus"

    On the morning of September 14, 2020, the Education Bureau of Changle District, Fuzhou, held the "Safe Campus" awarding ceremony in Sedbergh School, conferring the title on the school. Zhao Feng, member of the standing committee of the district Party committee and secretary of the political and legal committee, and Lin Qinglong, director of the Education Bureau of Changle District, attended the awarding ceremony.

    October 1, the Chinese Cultural Center was opened

    Modeled on Suzhou gardens, the Center is designed for students of the school to cultivate their patriotism, and to study and exchange traditional culture, presenting the extensive and profound Chinese culture of long history to Chinese and foreign students around the world.

    December 9, getting the first offer of admission to a prestigious university

    William Wang, a senior three student of the school, was offered by College of William and Mary, the second oldest institution of higher learning in the US in the early application stage a place in Computer Science. The college is ranked 39th by U.S. News among the country’s comprehensive universities.

  • 2021

    January 20, Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Government of Fuzhou Municipality visited the school

    On January 20, 2021, Mr. Wu Xiaojie, director of Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Government of Fuzhou Municipality, and Ms. Zhang Wei, deputy director of the Office, visited the school, expressing sincere solicitude to the foreign teachers who come to the school from afar, and conducting discussion and exchange with them.

    February 4, winning the title "2020 Fuzhou Civilized Canteen"

    On February 4, 2021, the Civilization Office of the municipal Party committee, the Municipal Market Supervision Administration, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the Municipal Restaurants Cuisine Association jointly awarded the primary school canteen of Sedbergh School the title of "2020 Fuzhou Civilized Canteen", making it one of the five winners of the honor.

    March 30, Li Ping, Vice President of UWC (Changshu, China), attended the symposium hosted by the school

    On March 30, 2021, Li Ping, vice president of UWC (Changshu, China) visited the school, conducting an in-depth communication with the school’s teaching team on how to better implement international education and Chinese education in China.

    In April 2021, the school was accredited by COBIS

    Thanks to three years of hard work, the school, with its sound educational concept and fruitful practice, first-class facilities, perfect security measures, and beautiful campus environment, passed the rigorous examination of COBIS, becoming the second bilingual school in China to be accredited by COBIS and one of the ten accredited British international schools in China.

    June 28, undertaking the event themed “Aspirations and dreams, the centenary journey” in Changle District, one of the series of activities to celebrate the centennial of the Communist Party of China

    On June 28, the “Aspirations and dreams, the centenary journey” campus art performance was hosted. Sponsored by the Education Working Committee of Changle District Party Committee and the Education Bureau of Changle District, Fuzhou, and undertaken by Sedbergh School, the event was attended by more than 600 people, including leaders of from bureaus in the District, department heads, and teachers and student representatives from 26 schools in the District.

    July 8, the first graduation ceremony for high school students was held

    On July 8, the school held its first graduation ceremony for senior high school students. Superintendent Kelly Lin, Executive Principal Olly Wells, and Andrew Fleck, Principal of Sedbergh School, addressed and congratulated the students. The first batch of 10 graduates received 58 offers from top universities in the world, each receiving more than 5 offers, and the majors cover psychology, economics, computer science, law, and hotel management.

    July 15, the British Consul-General in Guangzhou visited the school

    Zhou Gan, Head of Higher Education and Foreign Cooperation Department of Fuzhou Municipal Education Bureau, Olly Wells, Executive Principal of Sedbergh School, Peter Willett, Deputy Head Pastoral Senior School received Jo Hawley, British Consul General in Guangzhou, Senior Affairs Officer Cai Daisong and others, holding a seminar at the Chinese Cultural Center.

    July 17-20, the 4th Wu Qingyuan Cup World Women's Go Tournament was held in Sedbergh School

    The 4th Wu Qingyuan Cup World Women's Go Tournament & Haixia Bank of Fujian Cup 2021 World AI Go Competition was hosted in Sedbergh School. Go players competed against each other at the Traditional Chinese Culture Center of the school. Attending the “Go Celebrities into Campus” event were "Go Master" Nie Weiping, Yu Bin, Head Coach of China National Go Team, Chang Hao, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Weiqi Association, and several professional go players. Chang Hao presented to the school a chessboard signed by the professional go players.

    September 8, the 2021 Scholarship Incentive Program Award Ceremony was hosted

    In 2021, Lin Wenjing Foundation and the Education Department of Rong Qiao Group specially set up the "Sedbergh School Scholarship Incentive Program", aiming to help students grow. The review committee singled out 100 students as qualified for the scholarship. The school, at the award ceremony on September 8, awarded certificates of honor to the winners of Outstanding Graduate Award, Budding Award for students moving from primary to junior middle school, Holistic Education Award, Encouragement Award, Excellence Award, and Founder’s Cup.

    November 5, the school won Enterprise and Employability Award at the first British School Awards

    The school, thanks to its unwavering commitment to the strong values, outshone more than 70 prestigious schools and educational organizations in the finals at the first British School Awards as the championship, winning the “Enterprise and Employability Award” of British School Awards.

  • 2022

    In January 2022, the school was further accredited by COBIS

    In January 2022, Sedbergh School was awarded the highest status, Patron's Accredited Member, by COBIS (Council for British International Schools), following a rigorous accreditation visit. There is only one school in Fujian, and two in China. Sedbergh School is one of them.

    March 22, announced the opening of a new direction- domestic stream

    In order to meet the market need for high-quality education and provide more options for families that what to obtain higher education in China, Sedbergh School announced the opening of a new pathway to attend Gaokao, while sticking to its mission of holistic education and commitment to cultivating outstanding students who can adapt to the domestic college entrance examination and also develop in an all-round way.

    Aug 19, obtained the certificate of "2022 Student Achievement Award" issued by COBIS

    Three students of our school won the honorary awards of "Significant contribution to the wider life of the school" and "Resilience in the face of adversity" issued by COBIS for their outstanding comprehensive performance and ability. Their growth stories not only reflect the successful practice of holistic education, but also conform to COBIS's definition of excellent students.

    August 15, School’s Chinese name changed

    According to relative administrative regulations from Chinese government, all private schools in China can no longer use foreign brand name in its school name. In response to the policies, from August 15, 2022, the school’s Chinese name is officially changed from "Rong Qiao Saidebo School" (in Pinyin) to "Saidewen School"(in Pinyin).

    Dec 1, became the first international school Accredited Test Centre (ATC) in China

    Sedbergh School Fuzhou has become an ICDL Accredited Test Centre. The opportunity for students to obtain the computer & digital skills they need to be successful in their studies is highly valuable, as evidenced by the certificates they will receive from ICDL.