• Small Class
  • Bilingual Teaching
  • Integrated Curriculum
  • ECA (Extra Curriculum Activities)
  • Generalist Teaching
  • British Boarding System

About the Junior SchoolSmall-class teaching and individualized teaching that is student-centered, providing full, committed support to the growth of children in Junior School, arouse in children a strong thirst for knowledge and courage to explore and question, helping them develop good habits. In addition, the school adopts the educational system with five years in Junior School and four years in Senior School for the nine-year compulsory education.

Junior School CurriculumIn the Junior School, the School, by following China's national junior school curriculum standards and introducing the holistic education concept and international education teaching methods of the Cambridge curriculum, is committed to building a solid foundation of Chinese and mathematics for the children, develop a personalized English teaching, and create a bilingual curriculum system that features global breadth and Chinese depth. The subjects it offers include Chinese, Mathematics, English, Science, Ethics and Rule of Law, Humanities and Arts, Digital Culture, Global Perspectives, Music, and Physical Education.