Sedbergh School has completed the first-stage Smart Campus network construction.

Guided by the concept of constructing a comprehensive Smart system, Sedbergh School has introduced the use of High-Speed Internet, Multimedia Teaching Equipment and Smart Facilities. Additionally, it has built a library, an educational resource database, a management information system, a smart campus and other core systems in a scientific and sound manner. A new generation of Smart Campus will be able to offer better support and services to staff and students in their daily lives.

  • Smart Internet Services

    Ultra-high-speed network enables free roaming and wireless interconnection.

  • Diversified Learning Resources

    Cross sharing of Chinese and Western teaching resources and to allow easier communication between teachers and students.

  • Full Coverage of Security System

    Perimeter protection and video surveillance ensure the safety of students at all time.

  • A Better Campus Life

    Smart environment system design makes study and life easier.