To boost holistic education, the school provides students with a broader platform, launching various activities and practices that are comprehensive, diversified, close to life, and sustaining development for the healthy growth of students, including academic competitions, sports challenges, summer/winter camps, public welfare activities.

Multicultural Festival ActivitiesChinese and foreign holidays and festivals bring together teachers and students of different nationalities, languages and colors to explore, discover, experience fun, turning inclusive and open convergence into the common language of the festival.

Summer & Winter CampThe school engages students in summer camp and winter camp training during vacations, study topics covering business camp and drama camp, creating opportunities for students to grow and spend one challenging, fulfilling, surprising and meaningful vacation after another.

Social PracticeThe school partners with trusted business organizations to provide internship opportunities for high school students. Being deeply involved in social work is an important way to expose students to real social life, preparing them for admission to college with important exploration and experience accumulation.

Public Welfare and Charity ActivitiesThe school also involves students in charitable causes to bring home to them that academic and material success are not everything, and that one can derive great pleasure from helping others and having a positive impact on the world.