• Small class
  • bilingual teaching
  • Chinese and Western blended curriculum
  • ECA
  • tutor system
  • British boarding system
  • international university application guidance

About the Bilingual Senior SchoolProducing graduates for international universities, we continue to provide quality bilingual education and admission guidance for students, to ensure that all our graduates can go to a broader platform to further improve themselves and realize their dreams.

Bilingual Lower Senior School CurriculumBlended curriculum in the Lower Senior School serves as a solid bridge between the Junior and Senior curriculum, which not only covers the Chinese compulsory contents but also adopts a wide range of international teaching methods that aim to gradually increase the proportion of English teaching, improve English learning assessment requirements, continuously enrich students' learning experience and evaluation engagement and develop their advanced thinking and creativity. Whilst meeting all the requirements of the High School Entrance Assessment system (Zhong Kao) students will be able to transit smoothly into the CIE system without any knowledge gap, building a solid foundation for study and evaluation of future courses.

Bilingual Upper Senior School CurriculumUpper Senior School offers Chinese, Politics, History, Geography and Other National courses in accordance with the requirements of the National Education Authorities. The School integrates IGCSE and A Levels by drawing on the management experience from Sedbergh School in the United Kingdom to launch bilingual teaching and research-based courses. Committed to creating an immersive bilingual learning environment, the school develops students' patriotism and global vision, and prepares them well for lifelong development and happiness.

In addition, the school provides professional study and career advice guidance including SAT intensive courses for students wishing to enter universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and other countries.