• Small Class
  • Teacher-to-student ratio 1:5
  • Bilingual Teaching
  • ECA (Extra Curriculum Activities)
  • University Application Guidance
  • British Boarding System

About the Bilingual Senior School

Sedbergh Bilingual Senior School provides quality bilingual curriculum instruction, university guidance and career exploration, and is committed to developing students' abilities, including a certain academic foundation, critical thinking, teamwork skills, leadership, etc. Based on the students' academic interests, personality traits, etc., we help them clarify their personal aspirations during high school, so that they can gain the favourable consideration of the world's universities in their university applications, and go to a wider platform for their growth.

Bilingual Lower Senior School CurriculumBlended curriculum in the Lower Senior School serves as a solid bridge between the Junior and Senior curriculum, which not only covers the Chinese compulsory contents but also adopts a wide range of international teaching methods that aim to gradually increase the proportion of English teaching, improve English learning assessment requirements, continuously enrich students' learning experience and evaluation engagement and develop their advanced thinking and creativity. Whilst meeting all the requirements of the High School Entrance Assessment system (Zhong Kao) students will be able to transit smoothly into the CIE system without any knowledge gap, building a solid foundation for study and evaluation of future courses.

Bilingual Upper Senior School CurriculumIn accordance with the requirements of the national education authorities, the bilingual upper senior school curriculum is based on the Chinese National Curriculum, and at the same time draws on and integrates the IGCSE and A-LEVEL international curriculum systems, and implements small class teaching.
At the IGCSE stage, students are required to complete a "4+1" programme of five subjects, including four compulsory subjects (Chinese, English, Mathematics and Physics) and one elective subject (e.g. Computer Science, Chemistry, Biology, Art). At A-Level stage, students are required to choose 3 subjects to study in conjunction with their future professional interests, or 4 subjects for very talented learners. During the high school years, the school also provides students with personalised university guidance, helping them to enter the world's universities they intend to study in, and to develop an exciting life.

IGCSE Subjects
Compulsory Subject Elective Subject
English Music Additional Mathematics
Maths Computer Science Art
Chinese Chemistry Economics
Physics Biology Accounting
  Extra English
A-Level Subjects
IG English Maths Biology
Product Design Economics Hotel Management
Business Chemistry Art
Music Computer Science Further Maths
Physics Chinese Accounting

*Note: The above is the bilingual upper senior school curriculum for the 2023-2024 school year, which will be adjusted according to the actual situation in each school year.